Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crafter's Essential Links....Listings No. 2

Well last time I was foccussed more on selling on Esty links and articles. This post is more about branding, social media marketing and other marketing related links.

First I will start by giving some very interesting link from Inspiration Feed. I discovered this website via another website I use My Guest Blog. After sitting here for half a day and going through awhole of awesome articles I thought that maybe I need to share them with others who may not know about this wonderful website.

I've decided to split the listing into sets of five based on the type of content.

  1. New Facebook Timeline for Brands: Rookie to Pro Guide
  2. 10 Free Tools to Create a Facebook Timeline Cover
  3. 25+ Examples of New Creative Facebook Profile Pages
  4. Five Brand Pages That Got the Facebook Timeline Layout Right
  5. Fans Share and How Brands Can Capitalize On It
  1. Build Your Following: Twitter Marketing Tips
  2. How to Make a Topic Trend on Twitter
  3. Five Great Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers
  4. How To Communicate Effectively Within a 140-Character Limit
  5. Twitter and the Politeness Game: Etiquette on the New Social Giant
  1. How to Build Your Brand through Guest Blogging
  2. 3 Examples of Branding Done Right
  1. 4 Good Habits for Successful Blogging
  2. How to Get 1000 Blog Subscribers
  3. 5 Reasons why Blogging is better for Your Business than Social Networking
  4. How to Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd
  5. Five Tools That Can Help Make Your Blogging Easier
WOW what a listing, after going through all this the day is almost over. I hope you find as much useful information from these pages as I did and that it will inspire you start implementing some of the ideas and inspiration. Now I know why they call it "INSPIRATIONFEED".

As for me I think I need to start by redefining my brand and create some awesome marketing material, then try and make my Facebook page more appealing and also to go over my blog and make some changes.

Well folks better start reading until the next listing post.


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