Sunday, September 30, 2012

90 Days of Xmas - Day 5

25th September to 25th December
90 Days of Xmas.....that is my take for this festive season.

So to begin I have decided to post photos of all items that I make during this period in a weekly post preferably on Fridays. As I have been 5 days late in coming up with this new post series I have pics of cards I made last year before I decided to start this journey of turning my hobby into a handmade small business.

And while I was searching through the myriad of pictures from way back when I came across some of my earliest creations, and it was so funny in a weird sort of way to see how I have progressed from those cards to the ones I create now.

They were made for Christmas 2010 and I mainly used items I had such as gift tags, ribbons and bits of scrap paper I had lying around. Here are the pictures....

The following pics were I think from an even earlier time.....

Now back to our previous discussion, that of posting weekly photos of Seasonal Christmas Cards till December 25th. I was also thinking of giving away free printable of gift tags and other xmas related items.

The first posting of pics can be found on my Facebook Page but the rest will be featured as a posting here on the blog and the pics added to an album on the FB page. 

Here are the pics that has been posted for the first week, what a difference just in the style of photography. I suppose reading all these articles on how taking good pictures are vital is finally starting to sink in. I do believe there is much to improve on but I reckon I am getting the hang of it now...anyway back to the pics...

This collection was inspired by a white Christmas and the gold and silver colour scheme which is more popular for New Year's Eve.

I hope you enjoy them as much as it was a pleasure for me to make them.

Cheers, till next week!

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