Monday, March 19, 2012

Project: .....Cards A to Z

I recently received an email that was titled "A to Z of Fashion" and for each letter they had a picture. So I thought what if I could do the same for greeting cards. 

So this would be my task for the next 26 weeks, to create a card showcasing the letter of the week, but to make it more interesting I will not create the cards in alphabetical order but pick the letter from a box each Monday. Also all the cards would have to have the same color scheme and same style.

Also at the beginning of each new month I will post a calendar showing all the cards from the previous month with the pics, also posts of the steps in the days between.

Before I can start I have to create the alphabets and the cards to add to the box....
...this is how it looks much more work to do, will keep you posted as I go during the week. The actual project will begin at the beginning of April so I still have about two weeks to prepare.

For all my readers I will like to get some feedback as I go through the process.

So here goes wish me good luck....


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