Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crafty Weekends

With the rain pouring down this weekend it was the perfect excuse to craft all day. I though I might change the kind of item I made this weekend.

I had a template for a purse/ bags.

However I felt that it was using too much paper so I change it into a new template that uses less paper. Therefore now a 12x12 in scrapbook paper can create two bags or you can use one piece of paper if you want create the top tab.
First cut out the pattern on a thick cardstock in a colour that matches your scrapbook paper. Then cut out the same pattern on the decorative paper, giving you two parts like below. Then fold on the dotted line as shown in template.

Once the paper is cut out and folded then glue the decorative paper to the thick cardstock. Fold the edges, then glue the two long flap first then the short flap on top et voila done...
Then attach a handle to the top using two small brads (fasterners), to create a handbag look....
And there we have it..these can be used to give as gift for easter filled with some scrumptious easter egg chocolate, or even filled with jelly beans.

That is all for now...happy crafting...