Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Craft Show Galore…

It’s finally here, the first craft show for the year in Brisbane. It was on from Monday to today, but I could only make it today which was a good thing as I would have spent too much money if I had gone all the other days. I sure can’t help myself when I see all these wonderful paper and embellishments calling to me buy me buy me. 

Anyway that’s enough about me, let’s talk about the show. As I walked into the door I got this feeling of n=being somewhere I was meant to be. As this was a show showcasing paper crafts and sewing I had to go through the whole floor to find the items of interests. There was a floor plan in the Visitor’s Guide, but I though it would be more interesting to just walk around and discover things as I go along, and what a discovery it was.

First stall I visited was Scrapapple, they all sorts of embellishment at very discounted price.

20120325_155328 This is what I got at Scrapapple and all under $30…

20120327_191917 Walking around I came across the CraftSpot booth were everything was under $2, what a find. I stocked up on some basic goodies, paper flowers, ribbons, rub-ons, and borders. Check stash pic at the end.

Then I came across the CardMaking.net stall. Oh what a delight, they the European style cards. There was so many to look at and they were all just gorgeous. Have a look for yourself.

Here are some close-up shots:



 But that was not the best yet to come. I then found this ScrapMats..

20120325_152041 They had this whole stall filled with laser-cut chipboard and what a variety it was. They also had sample to show you how they can be used. After about two hours of walking around I was about ready to go home (feet was hurting by then) I saw the following stall….

enough said…It was like walking in a princess’s room or fairy tale land everything was dainty and ladylike and just Wow…this may not be my personal style but I must say that was the best stall I have seen at any craft shows that I have been to.

They are called Miss Rose Sister Violet, and apparently they will open their online store soon. Well I will be one of their first customer alright. Unfortunately I could only buy these dainty cream roses because by then I was almost at my limit of expenditure. 

So to end it all I thought I'd show you my stash of goodies…

Well that was a very fruitful Sunday afternoon, can't wait for the next one in June....That's all from me for now...

Happy crafting