Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crafty Weekends

Hello all...the weekend is here again so let's get crafty.

Anybody who reads my blog would know that I started this post last week and I am now going to be making it into a weekly post every Sunday or Monday. It's going to be a coverage of the projects I have been doing in the weekend. It could be about anything from card making to items for home decor.

So this weekend it was card making again, and now that I am getting into the hang of this I feel that my own design and inspiration is starting to flow more freely. 
So I started with these items - paper lace trim, purple wavy trim, ornate decorative scrapbook paper, cream metallic card stock, and rub-on stamp.

Then from there I decided on showcasing the beautiful ornate paper I had used. I decided to add the lace paper on the edge then placing the purple trim on top to create a popping colour combination.

Eh voila beautiful, elegant, ornate and simple.

The card is now featured in my shop.

Here are some pics of the other stuff I created which can also be found in the shop.


That's all for now.......

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