Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Success on Etsy

As many of you know I started an Etsy shop but was totally unaware of all the details and hard work that goes with having a shop be it an online shop or a brick and mortar one.

After reading like a zillion articles, eBook, and blog post about selling techniques and ways to improve your shop I decided to put up a list of some of the one's I have been reading lately.

Today I am showcasing Handmadeology which I think is one of the best repository of articles and help tips for any body wishing to sell on Etsy. If you are in the handmade circle and you are not aware of Handmadeology then you need to start now....by reading these articles:
  1. It's a long way to the top if you want a successful Etsy shop
  2. Not Seeing The Etsy Success You Hoped For? Here's a 10 Step Checklist to Better Etsy Results
  3. Etsy Shop Stats | Analyzing Your Statistics
  4. Tips for Getting Your Etsy Treasury on the Front Page
  5. Crafting A True Marketing Plan For Your Etsy Business
Handmadeology also have a pro version which you have to pay to get access to, but it is worth the $10 bucks.

That is all for now...

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