Monday, December 10, 2012

90 Days of Xmas - Day ????

I started this post series 90 Days of Xmas with good intention, but so far I have written only one post. Time has not been my friend and issues such as sickness has come in the way of my creativity. I guess when they say that you need a plan and goal planner they were not kidding...

Now that am feeling a bit better I have been creating a few Christmas decorations. I found this vintage book which I have been slowly decimating its pages. These are a couple of the items I have been creating...
I thought I might put a tutorial together to share how I created the flower decoration (top image). 

To begin with I took two pages from my book. Each measures 10.5 by 18 cm. Measure 2cm increment from the edge of the page on both sides as shown below:
Cut the page into strips, you should have 10 strips which is enough to make the flower, but if you want the flower to be fuller you can have up to 15 strips.
Align all the strips together and cut a piece of hemp string which a bit longer than the paper, then fold in half and staple in the center:
Now using double-sided tape glue one edge of the top strip to the center.
Keep doing the same for the remaining strips until you have folded one half of the flower.
Repeat the process with the other side, until you've done the whole lot. 
You now a flower that can be decorated as you like it. as I wanted a more vintage feel I have simply punched 1inch circles out of one of the pages and glued a wooden button to it and glued it to the top of the flower. Also glue a circle to the back of the flower.
And voila these what we end up with. 

I hope you have as much fun doing these as I did....

And here is the ornament in the Christmas tree at work....