Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artful Business Conference in Brisbane...yes Brisbane

It's over.....but so much more work to be done....I'm talking of course about the Artful Business Conference that has been on for the past two days in Brisbane..yes Brisbane can you imagine, our fair city played host to some of the superstars of the handmade business industry (in my opinion anyway).

The speakers were Jess Van Den from Epheriell and publisher/editor of handmade zine bespoke, Megan Auman founder of Crafting an MBA which was changed to Designing an MBA (2011) and helps makers develop business skills, Tara Gentile who is passionate about how making money should be a beautiful thing, also writes for Scoutie Girl could not be there in person (what a miss) but was there in our hearts, Jennifer Lee from RBBP (Right Brain Business Plan) and founder of Artizen Coaching, Lisa Walsh owner of Cookie Dough Biscuits (yumm) and Russell Allert who offers his knowledge in social media via Baked Social Media. What a line up.

And then there is the wonderful Elle Roberts from Creative Business Co the coordinator and host extraordinaire of the whole shindig and her crew (including her mum). Without you ladies (and gentlemen - technical crew) this would not have been as successful as it's been. 

Again thank you for allowing us all to be part of this event and getting a chance to make new contacts and hopefully friendships, and also affirming to all of us that what we are doing is meaningful....and beautiful

Those who missed out, it's gonna happen again next year (I hope) so jot it down as something that you have to attend....It is worth every penny and time.

Can't wait for next year.


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