Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not so sunny Sunday

Sunday is the day when I usually go to the city for a movie or just strolling along the river and watch the passers by....but today decided to stay home and what a difference it is...I don't have to dress up I can be my grubby self at home...being at home made me also think about a whole lot of things.

One of those being why do we have to dress up whenever we leave our house...sometimes it is just to go outside or a quick drop to the local shop or even to the local park...this is a society where one is always defined by what they wear and how they look...oh what a society we live in...and the funny thing is how many people walking around that actually try very hard to be somebody they are not just so that they can fit into a certain social group of acceptance.

Ahh it felt good to be home...well tomorrow is work as usual...gotta go now gotta fix me hair...and all that rubbish that one must do.